Saturday, July 17, 2010

On the House

I'm mostly unpacked. It's a nice sized house for a single girl and her dog. There's a GLORIOUS amount of counter space and my new coffee maker (thanks mom!) has its own permanent space.

Tucker has found his favorite spot in the house. The sun shines through the window in my "living room" onto the love seat. He sleeps pretty soundly most of the day in the sun, waking only to run around like a nut and howl at the strange noises in the house and/or the house flies (whom he has declared his mortal enemies).

The bathroom quite possibly bigger than my childhood bedroom. Tucker plays a funny game of hopping from rug to rug in the bathroom while I do laundry.

I've attached the dog chain to the front porch rail, which pleases both the momma and the Tucker. He gets to sniff and dig and pee all he wants while I vacuum/sweep without a howling nuisance. I tackled the gardens today. It helped to have a physical challenge and some quiet time in the midst of creation. I pulled tall weed and trimmed the long ivy vines that had begun to take over the sidewalk. (I also discovered that scissors can be used as a manual-powered weed whacker, too!)

The back porch/wood deck has been taken over by a giant trumpet vine. The humming birds seem to loooove it. I, however, would like a little more porch to sit on, so I wrestled the plant into submission. It took surprisingly little trimming to wind the vines around the porch rail and open up more space. I know it's a small feat, but it feels good to have some control over at least one aspect of my life.

I have a pumpkin plant growing happily from under my porch. I'm eager to get better internet to see if I can't find some information on tending pumpkins! (Aunt Tina, I'd love advice from you...:)

It's becoming home... slowly but surely. God is richly in these people and revealing himself in everything.

Know Peace,

Some Rambling Thoughts on Tiny Town, WV

I've been here since Wednesday. Mom and Dad drove in the old green pickup, towing the long trailer with most of my belongings. Tucker and I took the lead in the wagon. There are some great pictures Mom got of Tucker's head out the window as we drove down the backside of the mountain. I think he's still recovering from the drive... his little carsick belly held tough, though!

I've been spending some time exploring the town. Before mom and dad left on Thursday, we walked Main Street and explored the hardware store, the sporting goods store and the courthouse. There are some very old and beautiful homes and buildings here. Most that survived the Civil War are marked with plaque to denote whether they were Confederate or "Union Occupied." Even more so than in Gettysburg (is this possible?), the Civil War seems to have soaked into the roots and crevices of this town.

Tucker and I walked to the Post Office last night. It's a nice 30 minute round trip ("with traffic") walk. I think we'll be making the trek on a regular basis. He is frightened of the truck traffic that seems to have picked up along the highway. My neighbor says it's because truck drivers are trying to save gas. We chuckled at the thought that someone might save gas driving in these mountains... These mountains are beautiful. They are nothing to scoff at. These mountains will decide when I can leave town and when I must stay. Come winter, these mountains will decide if I get to see my Love or not.

It rained last night on our walk. Front porches were crowded with rocking chairs and friendly faces who watched us on our awkward adventure. I think it will take some time to get Tucker to trust me on the sidewalk along side tractor trailers and other cars. There is no buffer of space between the road and the sidewalk. (I am just thankful to have any sidewalk at all!) So for now, we walk a bit, he pulls, I make him sit, we walk, enter tractor trailer, he tries to run, I make him sit, we walk a bit... rinse and repeat. I do believe my spiritual exercise this year will be patience.

I'm in a good place. I'm safe. Internet is sketchy, but once I work out a schedule, I can get internet in my "office" for sure. I think Tucker and I will explore the park today... I hear there's a public pool!

Know Peace,