Friday, August 27, 2010

A Day Off

A day of rest and recovery. I spent the morning taking "rest" as a serious task and then roused to use what produce remains in my fridge before trash night in soups, salsas and prepping bags for future morning smoothies! I'd like to compost here, but with such a tiny yard and no garden to speak of, it sounds like a silly task. That said, I find that most of my "fresh" meals made with fresh produce occur at the end of the week so my garbage doesn't rot too much before Saturday morning!

I find great peace in the kitchen. I pray as I chop and add vegetables to soup stock. I ponder the Holy Spirit's intercessions as I whiff roasting peppers and tomatillas in my oven. I've found relief today in blanching kale and manipulating the "waste" water into creating stock for tofu vegetable soup... I reveled in new territory as I explored the world of salsa verde in my teeny tiny food processor.

I feel rested. I opened myself to peace and God's peace found me. Now, nearing the close of day, the football game is underway at the high school-- whistles and cheers pour in through open windows. A crisp edge has settled in on the air and I can just *feel* the need for sweaters rounding the way.

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