Saturday, April 10, 2010

Breakfast Club

Winter is done. Summer, that temptress, made a brief appearance with her 80 degree temps and tank tops, but is once more on hiatus. Spring, however, has made her regal entrance: tight pink and white buds have exploded into papery blossoms; birds spiral through the air with their fertile pursuits; windows fling wide with blinds pulled high and curtains blowing in a cool breeze... the productivity level of students everywhere dwindles and the eager anticipation of distraction emerges once more.

That was my morning. Four women, one husband and one complacent baby. While sipping mimosas, we spent nearly two hours preparing Pioneer Woman's guarantee to maintaining birthing hips. As we planned to serve these beasts with eggs and strong coffee, we chose bacon instead of ham. And, my, how the savory smell of bacon splattered and hung in the air as we fussed over the other ingredients and gabbed.

Now, I've always had close friends with whom I could speak for hours, but never before seminary had I appreciated the gift of gabbing. We poured over Ree Drummond's cookbook, fantasized about what her life must be like, discussed our own hopes and laughed-- oh did we laugh. Even now I smile recalling this morning as though it occurred years ago...with friends I've known for many ages.

As I sit down to focus on grad school and pretend it is gloomy and gray outside, I find a renewed vigor for life. Papers, projects and exams loom overhead while I calmly plot how to fit more time for good people in my cluttered life. (And, oh, how I look forward to more adventures in cooking with the many beautiful women in my life!) For now, though, I think I'll sip my praline coffee and contemplate kicking my productivity back up a notch... we'll see how that goes.

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  1. It's truly amazing the life that friends can breathe into us!