Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not wanting to lose some of the great things I've stumbled upon this week, I'm throwing these up here for future reference!

A DIY Cupcake Tier

And while I'm at it, this whole website is pretty fabulous. Check this out!

And as we race to plan a wedding before the two of us bolt to live in separate states for a year, I'm super excited to find inspiration from places like this!

I made these for lunch. I didn't measure anything and instead of brushing the chips, I sprayed them with Olive Oil PAM. Went great with hot pepper hummus!

J & I have been talking about how we should do a better, more intentional, job of planning our meals and groceries. I've become quite the coupon queen and have even learned how to price shop from the internet to see who has the best "bonus buys" on products for which I have a coupon! That said, I love, love, love the design and layout of these. There are a few options toward the bottom of this page-- while I suspect I'll settle for the blank list, I appreciate the pre-fab list for its outside-of-my-box vegetable and grains suggestions!

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